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Donation Section - Help
  • By default, we have 3 causes displayed and active: Saving the Environment, Helping Underprivileged Children and Saving Endangered Species. If you hover over these causes, you'll be able to read a little about each cause.
  • Also by default, your order's donation is automatically credited to our cause "Saving Endangered Species". If you wish to select a different cause, simply click on a different one until the donation is displayed on the one you selected.
  • If the cause you want is not shown, click on the dropdown menu and you'll get a list of all our causes. Select the one you want by clicking on it. This will activate the cause.

    - You must click on the active cause for the donation to be credited to it.
  • If you bought cause-specific t-shirts, the donation will be automatically credited to the corresponding cause.
  • If you bought regular t-shirts, you have the ability to select any cause you want. Our regular t-shirts donate 10% of the purchase price.
  • After you successfully confirm your order and checkout, you'll receive an email confirming your donations.

Donations are not an additional charge.

* Mobile users - You might have to tap a couple of times to select a cause.


People care. That’s a fact. We care about others. We care about the environment. We care about animals. Caring is not the issue. The issue is doing something about it. So, why aren’t we doing everything in our power to change the world for the better?

The answer to this question lies in how we choose to live our day-to-day lives and the time we dedicate to family, friends and our jobs. Most of us simply don't have the time and resources to focus on protecting and conserving our world despite our desire to do so. This has created a gap.

Our business model, products and our lifestyle were embraced to fill this gap.

Do what you love, what makes you happy and give back, through Free World United. All you have to do is find a design that speaks to you and soon, your purchase will make a real difference. This is what Free World United is about. Freedom of expression, a better world and unity.

One step together in the right direction is worth a thousand leaps alone.

A better world starts here.

welcome to our house

We started with t-shirts because we believe they are the universal canvas for self-expression.

We know that feeling that comes from wearing a graphic t-shirt that fits your style and expresses who you are. A t-shirt that has been your companion and shared your story. A t-shirt that brings back memories. This is why we love t-shirts so much. They are the rebel in your wardrobe. They ignore the fashion trends because they can be worn fashionably anytime and anywhere.

Do what you want, when you want it. Let our tees embrace your lifestyle.

Doing what you like is freedom

Rebels with a cause.

Because we believe that embracing your lifestyle should be the means by which charities are getting the funding they need to fulfill their cause. We've grown our product line to include hoodies, polos and rash vests. All you have to do is purchase a piece of clothing that speaks to your lifestyle and the gap between you and a better world will cease to exist.

It starts with you.

liking what you do is happiness

The Origins of Our House

The Galapagos Islands inspired us to create Free World United.

We keep the Islands close to our heart, for they are our second home.  Throughout our lives we've seen the Galapagos threatened by a growing population, illegal fishing and global warming. We wanted to protect our Islands and the unique plant and animal species that live there. We didn't quite know how but we knew that we wanted our efforts to make a significant impact. 

Taking the first step was easy. We knew what we wanted to do. We knew what we were passionate about: designing graphic t-shirts.

To take the next step, we decided to share our inspiration with our friends at Galapagos Conservancy and Cause Elephant and came up with the concept of creating a place where non-profit organizations could obtain donations through the promotion and sale of graphic t-shirts.

Our concept would ultimately be the link between you and a better world.


Every Dollar Earned
is a Dollar that Gives Back

This is how our business model works.

  • 10%

    The Free World United exclusive clothing line donates 10% of every item purchase to the cause of your choice. You can select the cause during checkout.

  • $10

    When we partner with a non-profit, we create designs tailored to the cause.

    For the purchase of every cause themed item, we donate $10 to the cause.


    No cost online stores for Non-Profits offering cause themed apparel where we donate $10 per item purchased.

Dive Deeper Into
Free World United

  • Our

    Learn more about our story and the Galapagos Islands, the birthplace and inspiration that drove the founders to create Free World United.

  • The

    Learn about the Free World United Club, what does it take to become a member and receive the Free World United “The Club” graphic t shirt.

  • In The

    Check out who is talking about Free World United.


Connect with Free World United and never miss out. We are constantly teaming up with
new non-profit organizations, releasing new graphic t shirts, sharing new styles and trends, always keeping our vibe going.

Every dollar earned
is a dollar that gives back
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