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  • By default, we have 3 causes displayed and active: Saving the Environment, Helping Underprivileged Children and Saving Endangered Species. If you hover over these causes, you'll be able to read a little about each cause.
  • Also by default, your order's donation is automatically credited to our cause "Saving Endangered Species". If you wish to select a different cause, simply click on a different one until the donation is displayed on the one you selected.
  • If the cause you want is not shown, click on the dropdown menu and you'll get a list of all our causes. Select the one you want by clicking on it. This will activate the cause.

    - You must click on the active cause for the donation to be credited to it.
  • If you bought cause-specific t-shirts, the donation will be automatically credited to the corresponding cause.
  • If you bought regular t-shirts, you have the ability to select any cause you want. Our regular t-shirts donate 10% of the purchase price.
  • After you successfully confirm your order and checkout, you'll receive an email confirming your donations.

Donations are not an additional charge.

* Mobile users - You might have to tap a couple of times to select a cause.

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For every Cause-Specific Tee you purchase,
we'll donate $10 to this cause.

Learn about Free World United and see how you can make a difference to Ensena Ecuador today!

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What is Enseña Ecuador?

Enseña Ecuador (EE) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to improve education in Ecuador, a developing country in South America, by meticulously selecting young, accomplished leaders fresh out of college to become the teachers of children in the poorest sectors of the country. It is the Ecuadorian counterpart of Teach for America, an American organization whose been recruiting young leaders to become teachers of kids in vulnerable areas of the country for over 25 years and who has more than 32,000 ex-participants. EE is a member of the Global Education Network: Teach For All -

The Program

Enseña Ecuador is a new initiative in Ecuador and has less than a year in existence but has already caught the attention of more than 2,000 young leaders and the country's Ministry of Education. It has the potential to really change the educational landscape of Ecuador and give its children the opportunities they need to get out of poverty and start a better future.

Enseña Ecuador and Free World United

Enseña Ecuador has teamed up with Free World United to fundraise for their cause. Free World United is a progressive graphic t-shirt brand who donates a percentage of every sale to worthy causes.

Together we have designed the cause-specific t shirts you see here. For every cause-specific t-shirt you buy, Free World United will donate $10 to Enseña Ecuador, in an effort to raise $10,000 that EE will use to grow its young leader base, thus allowing EE to reach and serve more children.

Purchase a shirt that will bring a better future to the children of Ecuador!

Help spread the word and share this page with family and friends!

We deeply appreciate your support. Thank you!

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