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For every Cause-Specific Tee you purchase,
we'll donate $10 to this cause.

Learn about Free World United and see how you can make a difference to Helping Underprivileged Children today!

$2,720.80 Funds Raised
$ 5,000.00

How we Help Underprivileged Children

Free World United has partnered up with the Galapagos Scouts program, a non-profit dedicated to improve the education and well-being of young children in the Galapagos Islands.

With your help, Free World United will donate $10 to this program when you purchase the cause-specific tees you see here. You can also purchase our regular tees and we’ll donate 10% when you select this cause during checkout.

You can also help by sharing this page with your friends and family members.

We deeply appreciate your support. Thank you!

The Program

The Galapagos Scouts program teaches kids how to protect and care for the Islands they live in. Through their mentors, they learn about conservation and the unique eco-system of the Islands. They participate in projects that reinforce the importance of living in a sustainable community like cleaning up public beaches, recycling campaigns and other waste management initiatives.

The program also seeks to improve the children’s well-being by getting them in touch with nature through camping trips and field-trips to the National Park. Sex education and drug issues are discussed during these trips because these matters are usually not addressed by the children’s parents.

Learning, exercising, avoiding unwanted pregnancies and drug addictions are the focus of the Galapagos Scouts Program.

The importance of the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a treasure of the natural world, “the last remaining wildlife sanctuary” as Jacques Custeau described them. There are animals species here found no where else. Species that inspired Charles Darwin to develop the theory of Evolution. There is still much to learn from the Islands.

Their wonder and beauty are enjoyed by thousands of travelers every year and they should be kept the same for the sake of the Galapagos’ wildlife and for future generations to enjoy. A big part of achieving this sustainability is to educate the local population about conservation and sustainability and this is what the Galapagos Scouts aims to do.

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