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"The same islands that inspired
Charles Darwin
to form a new understanding
of the origins of life,
inspired us to create
Free World United."

-Francisco, Fernando and Eduardo Diez
Founders of Free World United
It is not the strongest species
that survive, nor the most
intelligent, but the ones most
responsive to change.
- Charles Darwin
Charles R. Darwin
The Family and Founders
With Galapagos
Giant Tortoises
When the Islands become a significant part of your life, you are able to get an extraordinary perspective of how life should be on this world. The Islands inspired Free World United.

Only in such an unusual place could one perceive the strength and fragility of nature and the environment, the cultures and thinking of travelers from all over the world, the needs of a third-world community and the freedom to live outside a conventional society. It was here where we learned the message of the Islands: That a life worth living is a life that balances our inner selves with our outer world. To understand society but not to be confined by it, to understand nature and care for it, to understand the needs of a community and help it, to understand others and be free to express ourselves, to understand indifference and provide a common purpose. Our journey is inward, because only when we know who we are, can we really express ourselves and help the world around us.

- Francisco Diez / Founder
Alex Cox

Naturalist Guide
Conservation Specialist
And Friend
Our childhood summers spent on the islands and in the presence of conservation specialists, such as our lifelong friend, Alex Cox, taught us about the importance of conservation and sustainability to preserve the harmony between nature and humans. His influence sparked our drive to create something worthwhile that would give back to our world.
The Galapagos Scouts
Founded by the Diez Family:
The Founders of
Free World United
A Notre Dame Family
The founders of Free World United, brothers and graduates of the University of Notre Dame, were inspired by the university's spirit; the spirit to fight for good.
Back in 2008, we, the three founding brothers, sat down and thought about what we were trully passionate about: Art, design, and giving back. Francisco happened to be wearing his favorite t-shirt at the time. The wear and tear was obvious. We realized that regardless of the abundance of graphic t-shirts out there, it is actually hard to find a t-shirt that has what it takes to become your favorite. We came to the conclusion that a "favorite" graphic t-shart has: awesome, limited art, great fit and a brand that speaks to you. When you combine the three you get a t-shirt that makes you feel great. And so we started Free World United.
Today, one species holds the key to protecting and preserving our world. We are that species.

- Eduardo Diez G. / Founder

Watch the brillant BBC video on the Galapagos Islands and understand where we come from.
Click here to watch.
Marine Iguana Endemic to the islands, this species evolved to go underwater for up to 30 minutes to find food, which was very scarce on land.

Check out our graphic t shirt in honor to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by clicking here.
Galapagos Giant Tortoise
Perhaps the most well known sub-species of Galapagos Giant Tortoises was the Pinta Island Tortoise (chelonoidis nigra abingdonii). Lonesome George, the last member of this species, died on June 24, 2012. This sub-species is now extinct.

Check out our graphic t shirt in honor to Lonesome George by clicking here.
Globally, 76 million sharks are harvested each year for their fins. The shark population has dropped as much as 80% over the past 50 years.

Sharks form a vital part of the Galapagos Marine Ecosystem

Check out our graphic t shirt in honor to the Shark Research and Conservation Program by clicking here.
Marine Turtles
Tens of thousands of marine turtles are over harvested and illegaly traded devastating their already endangered population.

Marine turtles use the islands as a nesting and feeding ground.

Throughout the years we have worked and supported the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park, organizations who help preserve the Galapagos Islands.

In addtion, we must educate the children of the islands and for that purpose, we founded the Galapagos Scouts Progam.

Check out our graphic t shirt in honor to the Galapagos Scouts by clicking here.
Our family, the Galapagos Islands and Notre Dame shaped who we are and what we are passionate about.

- Fernando Diez / Founder
We quit our jobs and started working on our concept. We invested our savings and spent several years developing and polishing our idea.

Together we fit the pieces of the puzzle and opened our online store to the public on April, 2012. Based out of West Palm Beach, Florida, our t-shirts are made 100% in the USA.
Born In the Galapagos Islands
Limited Graphic T Shirts Made in the USA

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Every dollar earned
is a dollar that gives back
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