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  • By default, we have 3 causes displayed and active: Saving the Environment, Helping Underprivileged Children and Saving Endangered Species. If you hover over these causes, you'll be able to read a little about each cause.
  • Also by default, your order's donation is automatically credited to our cause "Saving Endangered Species". If you wish to select a different cause, simply click on a different one until the donation is displayed on the one you selected.
  • If the cause you want is not shown, click on the dropdown menu and you'll get a list of all our causes. Select the one you want by clicking on it. This will activate the cause.

    - You must click on the active cause for the donation to be credited to it.
  • If you bought cause-specific t-shirts, the donation will be automatically credited to the corresponding cause.
  • If you bought regular t-shirts, you have the ability to select any cause you want. Our regular t-shirts donate 10% of the purchase price.
  • After you successfully confirm your order and checkout, you'll receive an email confirming your donations.

Donations are not an additional charge.

* Mobile users - You might have to tap a couple of times to select a cause.

Learn About
The Free World United Club
And How You Are Able
To Become A Part of it
The Club
Graphic T Shirt

"The Club" graphic t shirt is not for sale.

It is awarded to the selected few who have joined our mission to fund and support worthy causes such as those described below.

You can become a part of our club by participating in one of our initiatives listed to the right.

Join us in our quest to promote a Free World United.
Underpriviledged Children
As a member, you will be able to select this cause if you want your efforts or contributions to be destined to help underpriviledged children. You can choose an existing cause or suggest one of your won. Learn more.
Endangered Species
As a member, you will be able to select this cause if you want your efforts or contriubtions to be destined to save endangered species. You can choose an existing cause or suggest one of your own. Learn more.

The Free World United Club is an exclusive group of devoted members that have earned their place by embracing our initiatives, which help fund and support worthy causes. The members (you know who you are) represent the heart and soul of Free World United.


There are a couple of ways of becoming a Free World United Club Member.

  1. Sign up to become a sponsor of our "A Tee is the Key" Program where you will raise funds for the cause you decide to support by selling our graphic t shirts and earning a commission on every sale.

    We have user friendly tools that will help you make a significant contribution and earn a meaningful compensation. Learn more.

  2. Apply to become a Free World United artist by designing a graphic t shirt. Artists who are chosen will earn a commission on every sale of their designs. Learn more.

  3. If you purchase 6 or more graphic t shirts on a single order you will be making a considerable contribution to our causes, which entitles you to be a part of The Club. Learn more.

  4. Purchase the "12/Yourself" gift card which allows you to select one graphic t shirt per month for 12 months at a discounted price and make a larger donation to the cause of your choice. Learn more.

  5. Fundraise for you cause. If you have a personal or community-driven cause you would like to fundraise for, we can help you. Your initiative will entitle you to become a part of our club. Learn more.
Andreina Perotti, one of our Free World United Club members, from Santiago, Chile, has been with us since the launch of our brand and has contributed part of work to raising funds for the Galapagos Conservancy, the organization that helps save endangered species in the Galapagos Islands.
Our Environment
As a member, you will be able to select this cause if you want your efforts or contributions to be destined to save our environment. You can choose an existing cause or suggest one of your own. Learn more.
Travel to Our Second Home
The Galapagos Islands
-Win a Cruise-
The same islands that inspired Charles Darwin to form a new understanding of the origins of life, inspired us to create Free World United. Read more about our tale by clicking here.

We want our Club Members to have the opportunity to experience our fascinating Galapagos Islands to understand the essence of Free World United.

Every year, we send our top fundraising Club Member (and a companion) to a one week (7 night/8 day) cruise to the Enchanted Galapagos Islands with Quasar Expeditions.
Our partner, Quasar Expeditions, is a company with over 27 years operating upscale yacht cruises in the Galapagos. They will treat you to a one of a kind lifetime experience through "the last remaining wildlife sanctuary" as Jacques Cousteau described them.

Check out all about Quasar Expeditions and the cruise by clicking here.
Every dollar earned
is a dollar that gives back
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